Kelley Organic Inc. is a company that produces premium quality tea and wild camellia oil. It is the only company that has two organic product certificates (US and EU).

Our company’s line of Kelley products (Chinese and Japanese teas and wild camellia oil) has many varieties and grades that meet the needs of all consumers. As a direct sales distributor, our mission is to serve the consumer by creating and promoting a famous brand of top quality products at an affordable price.

Our plantation is located in the Dragon Fountain mountain region of Southern China where alpine springs are plentiful and light fog embraces the mountains year round. This area is far removed from the city with no exposure to pollutants and contaminants. It has been the production base of tribute teas for generations. We own 670 organic tea hectares and 1,350 wild camellia wood hectares. Our primary products consist of high-quality, 100% organic teas and wild camellia oils that are sold worldwide and well received by our customers.
Our products are inspected and certified by ECOCERT, one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world. Our company has been awarded the National Organic Program (NOP) organic product certificate for both the US and EU. NOP certifies that organic products meet USDA standards. In 2005, our 100% organic wild camellia oil was certified as an organic product by the China Organic Food Development and Certification Center.

Monitors from the organic certificate-issuing agencies of EU and US visit our plantation sites two to three times a year to sample and test our products, soil, water and air for contaminants. Each year we successfully pass inspection. As a result, we gain satisfaction and trust from consumers worldwide. Kelley tea products are divided into four categories:

  • Kelley 100% Organic Tea Bag;
  • Kelley 100% Organic Loose Tea;
  • Kelley 100% Organic Tea Powder;
  • Kelley 100% Organic Wild Camellia Tea Oil (contains ingredients that are superior to olive oil).

The quality of both Chinese and Japanese teas is based on the altitude at which the leaves are grown and harvested. Early harvesting of young tea leaves produces a higher quality of tea.

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